Wednesday, March 07, 2012

She's Got Legs // DIY Leggings Patterns

Leggings are popping up everywhere, and I love how fun they are! It's like having crazy pants and leisure pants, all built into one. Below are some of my favorites to buy, or if you're feeling crafty, here's a list of DIY leggings patterns to show you how to make your own leggings!

  • DIY leggings pattern/tutorial for a custom fit via Etsy
  • Basic Leggings Pattern via Burdastyle
  • Adult leggings PDF pattern via Fabricate and Mira

  • 1. Striped leggings by DGstyle | 2. Orange Tribe Leggings by QooQoo | 3. Sparkle leggings by Minx Shop | 4. Copper and black abstract by Karina Manarin | 5. Lace leggings by I Heart Norwegian Wood | 6. Geometric Triangle Leggings by Trendylove

    P.S. now I've got silly ZZ Top stuck in my head. When I was about 7, for some reason the She's Got Legs video translated for me "what it meant to be a woman". Lacy socks + heels. I saw the video and thought, I've got socks like that! I ran and put on my sunday school ruffle socks and a pair of my mom's heels, and wore them around the house thinking, So this is what it feels like.

    P.P.S. speaking of heels...i am SO excited...I just spent the most amount of $ I ever have on a pair of shoes, and bought these PINK swedish hasbeens. I've wanted some for forever, and I couldn't resist 20% off via A Cup Of Jo with code ACUPOFJO.


    Meg said...

    I love this! SO much legging inspiration

    Nyssa Jayne said...

    swedish hasbeens are worth it! i'd never bought such expensive shoes either, but i wear these suckers day in and day out. i've just got to keep on top of the sanding the scuffs off and a bit of olive oil every now and then.

    acommonthread said...

    oh....that's good to know. i've never sanded my shoes before (!). do you do that with normal sandpaper?? or do you take them to the cobbler? and olive oil? i'm guessing that works something like mineral oil...? all of these new things to learn. i feel like i just got a new pet.

    Nyssa Jayne said...

    i just got the finest sandpaper i could find and if they get a scuff on them, i just buff it out. with the olive oil (cooking oil), i'm not sure if there's a trick or anything, but i just get paper towel, pour some olive oil on it, and rub it in like shoe polish. it helps prevent the scuffs, but my biggest problem is i keep wearing them to the pub or out dancing...