Monday, March 05, 2012

Silversmithing Course // Jewelry Making

This weekend, I went to the first of four silversmithing classes at 3rd Ward in my neighborhood. It was pretty spectacular, and in just the first class we learned how to layout our designs, make a paper model, cut sheet metal, and watched our teacher solder some stuff with a torch hooked up to some really scary tanks. Next week, we're going to get to solder ourselves!

Here's my progress so far. It helped going into the class with some drawings of what I wanted to make, and even making a rough paper model beforehand. Basically, I'm going to make little half pyramids with all of these shapes. It's really hard work! We hand sawed each of these down. I got a bit faster over time, but each one took about 10-15 minutes. So much for my grand plans of hand-cutting all of my own jewelry materials. But, the good thing is, a lot of the materials to cut sheet metal (handsaw, files, anvil) are all pretty small, and would even fit in my tiny brooklyn apartment.

Things are looking pretty rough, but hopefully they'll start shaping up next week when we file, sand, and solder. I'll let you know how it goes! new Hansel From Basel socks came. Love!

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Jamie said...

I'm taking a metalworking/jewelry making class at school and got really excited when I saw this! We haven't done any jewelry yet, but we did make a bookmark (mine was a treasure map!) and now we're making a cylindrical box. It's so exciting! I'm glad you're enjoying your class!