Monday, December 14, 2009

pattern: mesh crochet necklace

I wanted to put together a simple mesh crochet necklace, almost like a kerchief-style scarf. here's what i came up with. pattern is below, or if you're not so inclined to make your own, check them out in the shop.



E/4 - 3.4mm crochet hook
DK weight yarn (I used a cotton/linen yarn)
gauge doesn’t really matter.
CH 40 sts
row 1: dc into 4rd ch from hook, *ch1, skip 1 ch, dc into next st*, repeat from * until end of the row (ending with a dc). turn.
row 2: sl st into first st, ch 2, *ch 1, skip dc on previous row, dc into next ch st. repeat from * across row. (always end row with a dc, which will be 1 st shorter than the previous row. you’re decreasing 2 st each row - 1 at the beg and 1 at the end).

repeat row 2 until 1 st remains. bind off.

to make it bigger or smaller, just do your initial chain in any odd number of stitches + 3.

**Pattern is for personal use only - not to be reproduced for sale, nor to make items for sale**


Jeanee said...

Love it! Too bad I can't crochet!!!

Sophie said...

This gorgeous pattern (and the lovely crochet bib) saved me many a Christmas present/New Years wardrobe crises (of which there were too many to count. Organisation is not my forte, but thankfully basic crochet skills are).
Muchos thanks for sharing!

My Owl Barn said...

This is so lovely and unique!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Great idea for a necklace!!!!

Sabeth Jackson said...

i just stumbled upon your blog and am so happy i did! i am very excited to try some of the projects you have demonstrated, and appreciate your generosity!

NN said...

boho chicness. hm... need to refresh my crocheting skills! (and all this because of you!!! ;)

Tam Premsrirath said...

Thank you for posting your lovely tutorials! I love all of your necklaces and just subscribed to your newsletter! I want to purchase a necklace soon! I would love to try to crochet a piece. I'm not too great with jewelry though. How do you attach the chain since it's attached in two different places instead of a pendant? Thank you!

acommonthread said...

Hi Tam - Thanks so much! So you would cut 2 pieces of chain (about 7.5" or so). Using a jumpring (the little metal circle) attach each chain at either side of the crochet piece. Then, at the other end of each piece of chain, you'd attach a clasp on one chain and another jumpring on the other. Then you can close the necklace in the back. Hope this helps!