Friday, June 15, 2012

Amish Shadows Quilt Pattern

After finishing up this Amish Shadows Baby Quilt for my friend's new baby, I finally put together this basic pattern to cut out and make the squares used in this pattern.

Amish Shadows Quilt Pattern

You can download the Amish Shadows Quilt Pattern which includes pattern pieces for making the colored triangle. These pieces don't include the seam allowance though, so you'll need to add that in to all edges of all pieces before cutting your fabric. I typically use a 1/4" seam allowance for quilting.

You can use the pattern pieces to construct each square. For my blanket, since it was for a baby, I assembled 9 squares (each 10" square). Then I added 2 sets of borders around the edges.

To quilt the blanket, I stitched just inside of the lines for each triangle piece, then added a heart to the largest triangle section. The pattern also includes a template for the heart that you can trace onto your quilt.

Typically, I think Amish Shadows quilts are made with bright rainbow colors, and black as the base color, but it just seemed a little too dismal for a baby blanket.

Hopefully you'll enjoy the pattern and make your own baby quilt! Let me know how it goes if you do.

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lisa said...

This is so pretty and such a sweet gift! I secretly want to make a quilt but don't know if I have the patience :)

acommonthread said...

thanks! i was feeling particularly adventurous at the time, and since it's baby-sized i was really surprised how quickly it went. i was able to finish it in just a few weeks, working on it sporadically. i feel like i'm finally ready for an adult-sized one now.