Thursday, February 02, 2012

trompe l'oeil

i discovered a few trompe l'oeil patterns and love them! trompe l'oeil is the 3D illusion created on a 2D surface. i think my favorite are these knit armenian bow sweaters (below)! they are adorable. although the hermes painted on cuffs and pockets (above) would be a much quicker and easier DIY to make a boring dress a bit more interesting.

photos via eattarantula, petit tricotage, milly and katespade


Frances said...

I've known and loved the look of those Schiaparelli sweaters for a long time now but I've never seen those beautiful Hermes dresses before. Gorgeous - they make me want to go and experiment with my own dresses!

Nnenna said...

This is a very cool effect! I'm a sucker for bows anytime, so of course I love these sweaters and dresses! :)