Friday, August 26, 2011

knit pattern: summer socks DIY

Below is a free knit sock pattern for a pair of my bright summer socks, worked in a lightweight cotton/linen yarn with a contrasting toe, heel and border around the cuff. i used a really bright contrast yarn to perk up the gray main color. the pattern is written toe-up so it's customizable to your foot.

Read on for the full summer sock knitting pattern, or you can check out my other patterns.

Summer Socks Pattern


Pattern is adjustable. it's toe-up, so you knit until the sock fits your foot!


* 1 skein of knit picks cotlin yarn in whisker (main color - MC)
* 1 skein of knit picks cotlin yarn in chartreuse (contrast color - CC) -- you'll only use a small bit of this skein
* size US3 needles on long circular (or set of DPNs)
* (optional) elastic thread to weave in cuff


3" = 15sts in stockinette stitch


Using Contrast Color (CC), CO 8 sts each needle using the figure 8 cast on method, and work 1 round as part of cast on. (16 sts)
round 2 - k1, m1L, knit til 1 st left, m1R, k1, repeat for other needle
round 3 - knit

repeat rounds 2-3, 4 more times (36 sts)

tighten figure 8 loops. tightening from the opposite side of the tail, pulling loops, til you get to the tail side. pull tail to remove excess yarn.

continue in TOE color, knitting, for 3 more rounds

switch to main color (MC), then keep knitting until 2" before desired length (length of foot).

increase round: K1, M1L, knit til 1 st left, M1R, k1...on next needle don't do any increases (38 sts - note: there will be 2 more sts on first needle)

note: your first needle is heel needle, second is instep.

switch to CC - only working on first needle (heel needle)
this uses the "no fuss, no muss" heel

Sl first st (always purlwise), knit til 1 st remains, turn
Sl first st, purl til 1 st remains, turn

Sl first st, knit til 1 st more than previous section remains, turn
Sl first st, purl til 1 st more than previous section remains, turn

repeat last 2 rows until there are 8 sts left on your needle (not held), ending with a purl row

on next row (a knit row), sl first st, knit til 1 st left on middle section (last st before the huge gap), k2tog (closing the gap), M1L, turn
next row (purl row), sl first st, purl til 1 st left on middle section (last st before huge gap), p2tog (closing the gap), M1L (purl), turn

repeat last 2 rows til you've added all sts back on, ending with a purl row.

switch back to MC and knit 2 rounds.
decrease round: K1, ssk, knit until you have 3 stitches remaining on the needle, K2TOG, k1, change needles and knit all instep stitches, knit across second needle (36 sts)

Knit til leg is 3.25 inches from heel color change.

still continuing in stockinette st, bring in contrast color into pattern. make sure to carry your yarn in the back VERY loosely (or else you won't be able to get these on your foot)
round 1: *mc mc cc cc mc mc, repeat from *
round 2: *mc cc cc cc cc mc, repeat from *
round 3: knit all sts in cc
round 4: repeat round 3
round 5: (begin the 2x2 rib) *k2, p2, repeat from *
rounds 6-7: repeat round 5
BO very, very, very loosely.

weave ends, block and weave elastic in cuff if necessary.


CO = Cast On
St or Sts = Stitch or Stitches
MC = main color
CC = contrast color
M1L = make one left
M1R = make one right
SL = slip
SSK = slip, slip, knit in back of loops
K2TOG = knit two stitches together
BO = bind off


Manuela said...

hello ;-) your blog is really great!

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Kailey said...

Eeee what adorable socks! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern :D