Wednesday, August 24, 2011

fall knitting // double breasted cardigans

even though it's completely still summertime, and i am strongly opposed to wishing longingly for future seasons...i realize that knitting takes a long time (especially for me) and i have to get started on fall projects now if i want to have a small chance of being able to wear these things in the appropriate season. sooo, thinking of the stuff i want to knit for the fall, i really love the look knitted things of sometimes aren't always knitted. like, a knitted blazer. or a knitted jacket. or a double-breasted grandpa cardigan.

cole & vila cardigans

searching around, i came across these lovely super long double breasted cardigans in the knitwear collection at i like that they are super long and something like my grandpa would wear. and i especially love the professor look of the leather pockets. it would be neat to add some leather elbow patches too.

so, poking around in the knitting world, i dug up some knit cardigan patterns that have the same sort of cozy feeling.

the first is a pattern i've long been admiring from vogue knitting winter 2009/10. it's not long, but i love the marbled yarn and big oversized cowl neck. the one on the right, from drops studio, is almost a perfect knit of the ones above. long and cozy. i think i would drop the button placement to the bottom edge of the cardigan though, to give the same effect as the top cardigan. also, pockets are so necessary! just adding the leather pocket to the outside would be perfect.

and finally, here's a vintage tennis cardigan (with stripes!) that has a slightly different (more tailored look), but still very lovely. and adorable in it's vintage-ness.


fifi said...

i'm yet to fulfil my life long dream of knitting myself a jumper. and moving back to my home state which is summer for 9 months of the year i'm wondering whether it will ever come into fruition! so knit, please! on my behalf!

Miss Val's Creations said...

I love those long professor style cardigans! How fun and cozy!!!! Knitting is so time consuming that I really admire anyone who does this craft. ~Val

YGirl said...

I love the leather pockets too. I have a great project for it too... The Blustery Vest. It's all ready, I would just stitch the leather over the existing pocket, I think.

Kailey said...

Ooh gorgeous post! The cardigans you have posted are so lovely - definitely fall inspirations for me! Knitting a cardigan sounds like a wonderful project - I haven't passed the stage of knitting scarves though!