Tuesday, June 28, 2011

let's play house at the beach

this summer, me and my boyfriend, along with my two of our best friend couples got a beach house out in greenport, on the north fork of long island. we spend every weekend out there, and it's pretty much our city-folk way of playing house in the country. we lay in the sun and build castaway tents on the beach; go to the market, make dinners in our 'real' kitchen and drink way too many wine spritzers (it IS long island); knit, read and obsessively put puzzles together; wake up really early and find treasures at yard and tag sales.

all of this beach time has made me prepare accordingly. bright beach towels, ultimate blocking sunscreen, big floppy hats, the perfect beach/market tote, gauzy summer dresses, beach blankets for castaway tents.

here are a few of my favorite beach finds for the summer.

pin-up bathing suit from the red dolly; pink romper from talynvintage

woven sandals from ziavintage; vintage aigner bag from miss birdies


Folklure said...

This sounds heavenly! What an amazing summer you are having =D Can't wait to see more photos and live vicariously through you ;)

Katie said...

Looks dreamy! I'm jealous because it's been so cold in Chicago this summer, I haven't been able to get to the beach yet!

LatteLisa said...

sounds fabulous!

meredith said...

I've missed you Stefanie!! Your beach trip looks amazing and I love your beach-fashion finds! :)