Friday, June 24, 2011

bandeaus and bustiers! hello, summer.

hey guys! sorry for abandoning you for a bit (and thanks for your emails!!) but i've just been busy....traveling out of town on the weekends which doesn't leave much time for projects!

in any case, summer is finally starting to bloom here and my thoughts of clothing are turning to a bare minimum. i've been obsessed with bright colors (yay, summer) and itty bitty summer tops. my favorite combining the two together. i've been looking at this bandeau top by kayleighpeddie for months now and think it's pretty perfect. just imagine it from peeking out from behind a sheer white button-up.

and, coincidentally, burdastyle delivered up a beautiful bustier style top (complete with pattern) to my email box! i LOVE this top. its definitely beyond the easy, straightforward bandeau top, but would be so worth it to make. now, i'd just have to work up the nerve to wear it.

hope your start of summer has been great so far, and i'm hoping to be posting more projects soon!

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Folklure said...

I was so excited to see a new post from you on Bloglovin'!

I'm definitely loving the idea of a bandeau top under a sheer white button up- too bad kids have destroyed the possibility of me ever showing my mid section again,haha