Tuesday, March 01, 2011

detachable collar patterns: peter pan, patterned and vintage

UPDATE: since this post, I've created my own detachable collar pattern

detachable collars have been popping up everywhere, including miu miu's summer/spring 2010 collection (above). i've rounded up a bunch of different tutorials and patterns ranging from very involved -- sewing some pretty interesting collars yourself from scratch -- to pretty easy -- cutting off a collar from an old shirt and ironing on some prints. the great thing is you can pair them with any shirt, blouse or tank top even for a new, fresh look. it would be a great way to mix patterns too.

so, hard things first. the customer's manifesto has a wide collection of sewing patterns, from the 1850s to 1930s. the patterns look a little....sparse of instruction and have names like 'sorosis' which sounds more like a disease than collar, but it is a pretty solid collection.

next is a tutorial for a detachable peter pan collar that is adorable! this one has a bit more instruction to it, but no pattern exactly. seems easy enough to make on your own though.

last, is the easiest one of all. fieldguided shows you how to cut off the collar of an existing collar and iron on a fun print. instant collar.


Krystle! said...

I have had my eye on making one of these for a while now. Great post! Just found your blog looking up "how to baby hem"

take care,


Alysa Dela Cruz said...

love it! Great post!! :)