Wednesday, March 02, 2011

knit project: floor cushions

seeing as how i've been so good about digging up old projects, i wanted to keep this going. i pulled out these floor cushions (which i posted in 2009! shame!) and decided it was time to finish at least one of them. i mean, i'd pretty much completed them, minus seaming them up.

so, at last, i seamed them up (crochet around the edges...twice) and instead of filling them with foam like the pattern said, i thought i'd be smart and use up that polyfill that's been taking up way too much space in my tiny apt. it was a disaster. polyfill is horrible. this structured pillow morphed into a huge, fat, pregnant lump of a pillow with little pieces of stuffing clinging to everything.

so, i finally broke down and researched foam. it can be really expensive! i finally came across an online shop that sells it for about $9 a cushion. i promptly bagged up most of my polyfill and will be giving it away (email me if you're in the NYC area and want it).

pattern: gussetted floor cushions from Last Minute Knitted Gifts
yarn: knit picks cadena
needle: size 11

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