Wednesday, July 21, 2010

crochet pattern: coiled medallion necklace

the pattern for this coiled crochet medallion uses the bullion or roll crochet stitch. it's pretty fun to do, but takes a little practice before you can do it in one easy swoop.

the pattern and instructions for the little coiled medallion necklace is below...or if you're not so inclined to crochet, you can find the crochet necklace in the shop.

bullion stitch instructions
the actual bullion stitch is done by wrapping your hook 5-10 times (start small for practice) somewhat loosely, but very evenly. insert into your foundation stitch, wrap once, pull through foundation st. wrap once and pull through all of your loops. wrap once and pull through last loop.


*size C needle
*small thread

you can use any size hook and yarn/thread that you like. the smaller the daintier!

Round 1 - create loop (to knit in round) and dc into loop 10 times
Round 2 - ch 3 st, then into each dc, do 2 bullion 10-loop stitches

tie off end and weave in ends. attach to a chain and you're done!

**Pattern is for personal use only - not to be reproduced for sale, nor to make items for sale**


Karen said...

This is a really pretty necklace. Love the red.

Gina P said...

You are so talented and creative! I just love all your crocheted jewelry! Thank you for sharing your lovely pieces with all of us! You are an amazing artist and I look forward to seeing more of your uniquely refreshing designs!