Thursday, October 01, 2009

pattern making: leighton meester's dress

i recently came across this picture of leighton meester at the teen choice awards and love her dress from the louis vuitton resort 2010 collection, and absolutely love it.

i'm generally not a designer sort of clothes-wearer, but i really want this dress. even if i have to make it myself. i've been brainstorming different ways of putting this together, and what i really love about it is the combination of the stripes, with the very structured top piece of it.

here's what i'm thinking. split it up into 2 pieces (tank + skirt) that are sewn together. the skirt part is easy enough without a pattern, and i'm not really tied to the embellishment on the bottom; it could just be a plain skirt. but the top part would be the hardest. has anyone seen a pattern of a tank top or dress similar to the top?

this pattern from burda was the closest i found, but wouldn't quite be the same. i'm wondering if just cutting pieces and pinning them to the dressform would work?? ideas?


ann said...

Just found you. I love your crochet necklaces - love them. They are on my wish list now.

Thanks -


Gayle said...

Wow! I really admire your ability to sew. My mom used to sew, but I only learned the basics. Good luck with finding a pattern, or creating one, to match the dress.

janice said...

i think pinning pieces to dressform would be easiest, since it's a fitted top anyway. i love when stripes all come together at different angles!