Wednesday, September 30, 2009

sailor inspiration

lately, i've been pretty inspired by simple white crisp cotton knots, tied so intricately, to form elegant pieces of jewelry. obviously, i like the knot-like-ness of crochet (and by my recent crisp white ruffly layers), but even something a little more unstructured, like this gorgeous necklace.  someone sent me a link to this (but i don't have the source!) but think it's pretty amazing.

or i could even see something simple like this monkey knot, reworked as a main piece in a necklace. but obviously you know, not the size of a doorstop.

and a big centerpiece like this would be absolutely gorgeous! i'm not even sure what kind of knot this is, but it would make for a spectacular necklace.


amy and ann said...

okay, so I completely FELL IN LOVE with your blog. thanks for visiting ours today. I clicked on your link and what a great treat...really! love it. So, I will be back. XO. amy

Anonymous said...

hi this is some sort of pretzel knot combination, how they managed to get it into a big circle i have no clue, but i have seen triangles formed from pretzel knots this way :D

Adewalele said...

A beautiful blog, if you have a spare moment, perhaps you would like to see some other stuff.. you have my permission to use any 2 or 3 for your blog if you wish, (I'm into spreading knowledge and sharing our planet...) oh and by the way if you want any questions answered on anything to do with knots, (I'm writing a book on the subject), please, just ask...
My very best wishes, Peter.

Link to Images of my knot work: