Monday, October 05, 2009

project: built by wendy dress

this is a dress that i completed a little while back, but realized that i never really posted about it. it's one of the easiest patterns to follow, and i'd definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to try out sewing from a pattern. it's a good one because it doesn't have a set-in sleeve, which is generally the hardest part of the pattern for me. the gathered yoke style shoulder was so simple.

this is the completed dress on the left...

the hardest part of the pattern was probably the ties at the bottom of the sleeves. and only because the pattern was tricky to read; not because it required any difficult sewing techniques.

the pattern is from 3835 Built By Wendy, but you can get it for much less from the simplicity site.

it was such a quick project, i'm thinking of making another in a different fabric...and maybe a shirt from the pattern as well.

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Shari Lidji said...

You look great and the dress is darling! I'm a custom contemporary quiltmaker......I sew all the time.....but I'm very intimidated by making garments. This might be a good one to start with. It would look really cute with boots and tights for the fall. Thanks for all the guidance.