Thursday, October 11, 2007


after stopping by Built by Wendy the other day, i found this cute little sweater that i figured i could probably just as well knit myself. it's pretty basic, but i'm not quite ready to be creating my own patterns. so, i searched all over the internet and came up with this pattern, which was posted on i'm very excited. i don't know about this wearing sweaters to the beach business, but the pattern will still work.
it's a little bit different, and i'm really said that it doesn't have the buttons on the shoulder, but overall i think it will work well. i'm planning to not make the colors even though - i want to make them more like the built by wendy sweater (more cream, less navy). and maybe i'll try to add in some buttons on the shoulder too.

i'm planning to make it in andean silk from knitpicks, which i've heard great things about and it looks like it is just so incredibly soft.

here's the pattern, which is more than a bit daunting. i don't know if my knitting talent reaches this far, especially with a vintage pattern, but i'll try it.

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