Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Liberty of London Quilt

I've been trying to spruce up my apartment a little, and decided that my bedroom is looking pretty bleak in all black, white and gray. To add a bit of color, I figured it's about time to start my first, full sized quilt, and what better way to add color than use some pretty Liberty of London prints.

I went to peruse Purl Soho for some inspiration and they have these little Liberty bundles of fabric. I'm going to pick up the rainbow bundle, and supplement, if necessary, with some tiny busy prints that I pick up elsewhere.

I'm trying to decide on a final pattern for the quilt. I've been eyeing patches like the Oceans Wave, Flying Duchman, and Flying Geese. I'm probably going to use a muslin for the contrasting colors, paired with the Liberty prints to make it a soft beige to lighten up the room a bit. I like the look of the finished Oceans Wave, which I stumbled upon on the Timeless Reflections blog. I'm still debating though, and put together an excel spreadsheet to quickly mock up some quilt patches, combining different ones in different arrangements. It's pretty neat and I'll post it soon....

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Krystal said...

seeing the finished product will be great :)