Tuesday, January 24, 2012

purses, handbags, pocketbooks, satchels!

triangle purse tie die bag satchel purse cross body satchel linen shibori bag kilim bag crossbody leather purse geometric triangle purse

i've been etsy perusing. found lots of purses. since i've self-imposed a purse buying ban on myself, i thought i'd post here instead! for shopping, for inspiration. it's a bit of a mix between handmade and vintage, i love them all. i just wish my closet would hold more purses.

1. triangle clutch by bookhouathome $43
2. tie dye tote by hazelandhunter $62
3. handmade colored satchel by goldenponies $45
4. crossbody leather satchel by nemres $34
5. tie dyed canvas bag by gracedesign $68
6. kilim purse by ikahn $185
7. vintage handtooled pouch purse by nemres $24
8. triangle leather bag by ulala $45


arounna said...

great selection

Amanda of Folklure said...

I just recently purchased a vintage hand tooled leather handbag from Etsy! After looking for days, its so exciting to find that 'perfect' one :)