Tuesday, October 25, 2011

fashion knits for fall and winter

i'm finally ready to start knitting and sewing for fall & winter. perusing the internet for inspiration, i found all of these warm, cozy, fantastic knits. i'm also ready for pumpkin pie, hot chocolate and fuzzy slippers.

fashion knit sweater
knit bowtie
chevron sweater
collar and sweater
rustic knits visualfront // anthonycalisterio // berlinopolis // foxtailandfern // dustjacketattic // and other fashion/style info at become


Little Miss Maisy said...

Love that knitted bow tie, I am trying hard to get into knitting however it seems to take a lifetime compared to sewing!

Love your blog x


acommonthread said...

i know! knitting does seem to take longer...however it's more portable and you can multi-task with it, so it kinda evens out. sometimes an unfinished sewn dress will sit in my sewing room for a year, but i'll finish knitting a large wrap in a week just by knitting on the train and when I watch TV.