Tuesday, July 05, 2011

itsy bitsy bikinis

with the recent time spent on the beach, i'm realizing the need for the perfect bathing suit. i'm finding that suits with triangle tops with tiny little string bikini bottoms aren't very unique or flattering anymore, and i'm looking for outfits to wear to the beach without feeling like my grandma. i'm finding that my favorite suits...

via modcloth

1) have thick bottom coverage with a 50s style shape. not just because this is becoming more age appropriate for me, but also because that whole string bikini look is tired.

2) are one-piece with a unique cut. for instance a big oval cut out in the middle, which is suggestive from a whole new angle.

3) if not a one-piece, then a really high-waisted boy-short bottom with a bustier style top. so modest!

here are a few of my vintage pattern picks from the internet!

mississabelle & Shelleyville

allthepreciousthings & DejaVuExperience


YellowViolet said...

Love your choices! And I so agree with you about the string thing... plus when you get hit by a big wave it's all over!

Tasha said...

Lovely suits! Thanks for showcasing my pattern set :) Happy summer everyone!

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with you! They are much classier and pretty, if you ask me. And you can run around and go water skiing and play volleyball without worrying about anything falling out! I really love the patterns you found... I need to get myself a serger and whip up a couple! ;)

Ashley said...

I love that suit shape. It's modest, sassy and you run very little risk of things, er, popping out.