Wednesday, April 27, 2011

short shorts

now that we've finally had a glimpse of warm weather in NYC, i'm completely thinking about summer dresses, gauzy shirts and pretty shorts. in addition to finishing up my projects from last summer (arg) i wanted to look for a few shorts patterns. initially inspired by this post at refinery29, a simple high-waisted shorts pattern + a fun print can turn into a million summertime outfits. i especially love the last pair of short over there all the way to the right.

i've had my eye on this shorts pattern at burda for a while. it's about as simple as it gets. no waist-band, convenient pockets, high-waist. yes, they are meant for wool and to be worn in the fall...but maybe they could be easily adapted to a nice cotton for the summertime.

the next pair of scalloped floral shorts, also inspired by a burda pattern are just completely adorable. they are one part chloe and one part nadinoo. to make, you'd need to remove that skirt flap (ugh!) from the original burda pattern, and then use something like this scalloped hem tutorial to add a little flair.

and finally, there are lots of great vintage shorts patterns floating around on etsy, ebay and online vintage pattern shops. this is my favorite pattern - simplicity 5511 - with four really cute styles. the picture on the right is the pair i made a few summers back (view #2) and i want to try a few more styles and fabrics this summer.


Yarn Coma said...

I don't exactly have a "short short" physique, but ive started training for a 15k, so hopefully my legs will be made of steel soon enough and I can partake in some of those cuties.

Seriously. How cute are those scalloped edge shorts??!

Mmm and check out the "assets of Evo" pattern on ravelry (if you haven't already).

Evelyn and Flora said...

i'm with Yarn Coma- after two kids these legs will only see dresses that hit right above the knee,haha.
My favorite were the scalloped edged onnes and the vintage patterns are ADORABLE! especially the billowy looking ones.

meredith said...

Ok I LOVE the scalloped shorts. Too bad I can't sew...I might have to learn just to make those shorts!! :-)

Miss Val's Creations said...

I love the scalloped style! Adorable! The Simplicity patterns remind me of my days in the 80's. :) ~Val