Friday, April 22, 2011

current obsessions // vintage inspiration, closet visits and milk teeths

photo from liebemarlene

a few of my favorite things happening on the internet this week. so, first, i saw this picture and literally wondered who drugged me in my sleep to take this photo of me, because i have never in my life been to south of the border. then i realized this is not me. it's rhiannon from liebemarlene vintage. in any case, i've become obsessed with her blog because 1) she's southern (ok, not really but she lives in the south now and could completely pass as a southern gal), 2) she has the amazing ability to pull off simple but completely enviable outfits in that effortless way that are completely inspiring, and 3) her blog invokes such a romantic and dreamy setting you just want to crawl in and live there. plus, she's quirky and puts together posts like, what she would wear to the best 1950s tourist traps.

photo from closetvisit

next, is closet visit. even though i admire sites like the selby, i rarely am drawn back to look at them. closet visits, is sort the same concept. just like it sounds, you get to see a glimpse into the closet (and life) of stylists, designers, editors and models. i keep coming back to this site though because it is just SO good. the clothes are what i consider something refreshing and stylish without being too designer-y or "on trend". and the photos are so vivid, fresh and enticing.

photo from milk teeths

and last, is milk teeths. i actually came across her etsy shop and started bookmarking everything i could find in it. i think partially because of her styling and that she alone makes everything seem so perfect. thinking, this girl should have a fashion blog, i moved along. a week later, i see a post on miss moss, raving about this blog, milk teeths. what a wonderful surprise!


LatteLisa said...

I thought the top images were of you ;-)

I'm going to check out these blogs.

Have a wonderful Easter!

Yarn Coma said...

Thanks for those links! I will definitely check them out. And those top two photos really do look like you.

Jessi said...

I love the coat int he second image! (I also thought they were of you at first!)