Monday, October 04, 2010

pattern: crochet skull necklace

this weekend, i worked out a new crochet pattern for a new necklace, which is aptly halloween-appropriate, but i could see wearing it year-round just as well. the pattern is for a crochet skull, which i made into a layered chain necklace, but the possibilities are really endless with this guy. the pattern is below - or if you're not so inclined, you can always pick one up from the shop.


Gauge, yarn and hook size are not critical. I used a G hook with Peaches and Creme cotton yarn, but you can play around with different yarns and hooks to get different sizes.

-CH 2
-2 SC into 2nd ch on previous row (2 sts) CH 1 and turn
-2 SC into each ch (4sts) CH 1 and turn
-3 HD, 2HD into last ch (5sts) CH 2 and turn
-1 HD, 2 HD into next st, 1 HD, 2 HD into next st, 2 HD into next st (8sts) CH 3 and turn

-2 DC, CH 7, SL into 3rd st (center of face), turn and slip into first st on chain, turn, CH 7. DC into the 3rd st. 1 DC. CH 3 and turn

-SL into 1st st of chain, SL into next st of chain, CH 5, SL into 5th st of chain (after the center), skip a dc, DC into next st. CH 1 and turn
-SC into each st (8sts) CH 1 and turn

-skip first st, SL st into next 5 sts, on the last 2 sts remaining dec 1 sl st (6 sts) turn
-CH 5, SL st to last st, CH 1 and turn
-SC across 5 sts, SL st at edge of bottom jaw

SC = Single Crochet
HD = Half Double Crochet
DC = Double Crochet
SL = Slip (stitch)
CH = Chain (stitch)

Break yarn (leaving a longish tail). weave yarn through nose, and tidy up the eyes by weaving in any loose chains under eyes (if necessary).

now your skull is ready to be attached to a long chain for a necklace -- or use it as decoration!

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