Friday, July 30, 2010

a few blog favorites

recently i've come across some really amazing blogs (and some i've been following for quite a while) and thought it'd be great to share.

off the rack - this blog is a wonderful mix of fashion and a d.i.y. mentality. they have links to great and fashionable products, often featuring smaller shops, and the occassional amazing diy ideas.

fieldguided - after reading just a few posts by anabela, i decided that at some point we were separated at birth. i adore her style, and she loves cats, and she sews! she has the best d.i.y. tutorials (like this miu miu collar!) and is constantly sewing or fashioning new brilliant things. and of course, featuring her cat.

calivintage - erin runs this great style blog and she has the best fashion sense! i adore all of her perfect vintage or vintage-inspired outfits, and i'm constantly learning something new from her. from a new way to tie a headband like a turban, or where to find a cute vintage shoes or purse, i'm constantly amazed.

make something - this blog is such a source of inspiration. i love all of her projects, and am amazed at all of her fabrics she uses. just reading through her wish list makes me want to run out and sew something immediately.

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Trisha said...

Just randomly stumbled on your blog, and love your style! Thanks for the suggestions of other blogs.