Thursday, October 08, 2009

handmade holiday gifts to knit or crochet

i know, the holidays are like, a quarter of the year away still, but i like to give everyone a little something handmade, and hate feeling rushed when there's two days before christmas and i *only* have to finish knitting and sewing a million things.  so, just to get started a little early this year with some ideas, this will be part 1 of the handmade holiday gift ideas.  this set includes quick knits and crocheted items.

item: denim knit kerchief
pattern: from the book last minute knitted gifts.  (i checked this out from my local library).  OR a similar free alternative is the silk kerchief.
yarn: i used elann den-m-knit pure indigo cotton (1 skein)
perfect for: daughters, moms, nieces, or perfect for just about anyone, probably a female, but whatever -nobody's judging.
notes: i made it out of denim cotton and like to pretend like i'm a robber when i wear it.

item: oh my god these are so cute - mitts!
pattern: french kit (4 euros) 
perfect for: daughters, moms, nieces or any female whose hands need stylish warmth.
notes:  i love love love these!  i currently ordered up some peruvian pure alpaca to make these beauties (for myself...ahem)

item: knit purse
pattern: (free)
perfect for: daughters, moms, nieces, grandmas, aunts, or any female
notes: i haven't personally knit this one up but it's been in my queue for a while.  i love how simple and clean the design is.

item: amy march slippers
pattern: tiny owl knits (free via ravelry)
perfect for: anyone who has feet
notes:  adorable!  this is on my queue, and i will be making them...for myself. 

item: urchin beret
pattern: ysolda teague via knitty (free)
perfect for: women with heads
notes: i made this (again, for myself...selfish) and love love it.  it was so simple i made most of it during a meeting at work, and wear it constantly throughout the fall.

item: owlets
pattern: roman sock (free)
perfect for: children or anyone who doesn't hate animals
notes: i've yet to make these, but again, on my list (i even bought the eyes).  looks like a perfect way to get rid of that fuzzy lion brand yarn that would actually look good all matted-up on this owl.

item: finally something for men!  a cute hat with a twist at the top.
pattern: marsan watchcap (free)
perfect for: men!  boyfriends, dads, grandpas, uncles.  or women too.  i think it would look nice on women.  but i've been seriously lacking in my gift ideas for men, so here you go.

ok, that's enough for now.  but i've got many more and will do a handmade holiday gifts part 2 soon.


amy and ann said...

These are wonderful. I wonder if my daughter could knit those cute owls. So fun.


Tracy said...

Sooo much beatiful knitting! I've had the Urchin hat on my to-knit list a while now... still looking out for yarn. Those owls are adorable! :O)

keri said...

Cute patterns! Urchin has such a pretty shape to it, and looks like such a simple knit!

Anonymous said...

i love those mitts....would make me a nice hristmas present :)


Anonymous said...

oops.... Christmas


Jordan Sneakers said...

This blog makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. I am grateful that you let us look in! Keep coming up with ideas.

Knifty Knitter Joy said...

I know I try to avoid that last minute rush every year, notice I said try. Those are some great projects you have there.

Florianne said...

I love the crochet bag the most. You seldom see bags of this kind and thank you for sharing to us your work.
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