Tuesday, October 13, 2009

weekend projects

this weekend, we took a little day trip out of the city, and up to Beacon, NY to visit the Dia: Beacon museum, sift through treasured goods at a yard sale or two, and have the longest lunch of  my entire life (why is it that service is slow as molasses once you leave the city?)

dia beacon

the rest of my weekend, i managed to start and in some cases complete a few new projects.  i've been doing a massive cleaning up of the craft room (ok, it's an office, but i like to refer to it as my craft room).  i have about 3 tons of this poly fiberfill stuff  that has been stuffed beside my craft table (aka desk) just waiting for me to make pillows out of it.  in 3 years, i've made exactly 2 small pillows that now rest on my couch.  since i've been neglectful, i thought i would just give it way (I have so many free piles outside of my apt).  but the longer it sat by the door, i realized i just couldn't do it.  so, instead, i immediately put in for a purchase of knit picks cadena yarn (in saffron) to make some tomato-soup colored gusseted floor cushions.

gusseted floor cushions
pattern and photo from Last Minute Knitted Gifts

i know the fiberfill will not be as good as a big firm piece of foam, but the whole purpose here is to get rid of this fiberfill.  maybe i will just stuff it really really tight.  so far, i've knit up about 85% of one cushion.  i am determined to finish this one.  i'll take some pictures soon.  hopefully mine will turn out as pretty as the ones in the book.

also, i was very, very excited to receive a whole big package of jewelry-makin' supplies.  oh boy!  ....and made up a few things this weekend to put in the shop.  making jewelry is so much fun, i almost wish i could just make it to give it away.

pyrite and chain earrings

my favorite thing out of the whole bunch were these pieces of pyrite.  i love love these earrings.  as a kid, i used to go to the rock/gem store in downtown savannah with my mom, and everytime i was allowed to pick out one rock to buy.  and no matter how many times i would go there, i would always buy pyrite...even though i really liked the other gems, i always chose the pyrite to take home to my growing collection of pyrite pieces.  i remember asking my mom, "but how do you REALLY know it's not gold??"  i always imagined the rock people had let one slip by and accidently put in a real piece of gold.

black lace applique necklace

the next thing i made was this statement necklace made out of a black lace applique.  i like the mix of lace and chain, and it looks really pretty over a simple shirt or blouse.  it's like having a fancy lace shirt, without having to do any of the work.

the pyrite earrings and the lace applique necklace are available in the shop.


Anonymous said...

All of your jewelry is AMAZING. I am so asking for some of it for Christmas. You astound me with your glamourousness (I know it isn't a word, but it should be).

Tracy said...

Sounds like a great weekend... very productive too! I was having a good clear out & tidy up in my work room too--took most of the weekend--LOL! Good luck with making those cushions... Would love to see photos once you've made them. :o) Your jewelry is soooo beautiful! Love that black lace necklace! I've been incoporating more fiber into jewelry making and loving the challenges and effects they present--such fun. Those earrings are the perfect bling! :o)

pve design said...

lovely projects and your photos are gorgeous.
what is your camera, may I ask?

acommonthread said...

thank you, all!!

@pve_design: thank you. my boyfriend takes most of the pictures, and he uses a Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II. but his camera is a bit old now, and the more updated version is the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, which is actually better priced.

Anonymous said...

The service sucks once you leave "the city" because people in normal places aren't rush rush rush like you. Also Upstate New Yorkers aren't really a fan of the city 'tude. I do like your blog though.