Monday, August 31, 2009

entangled and ensnared

for the past week, i've been amassing materials and supplies like a bird building a nest. i've never made jewelry, and haven't really been too keen on handmade jewelry before because most of the time it looks too.......homemade. but...inspired by the big, multi-layered designs like the ones by marni, tom binns, and assad mounser, they were just screaming to be d-i-y-ed. and, i like that pieces can be reworked from vintage jewelry.

so, i finally created my first few pieces. and, it is quite addictive. it's so much fun and so different from sewing or knitting.

my first piece....

multi-chain statement necklace

named leviathan after it's resemblance to the mystical sea monster. it took a whole 10 meters of chain to make this thing, and is quite substantial but not overly heavy. it was so much fun draping this thing....eliciting the occasional shriek from me when things would slip off the makeshift jewelry holder. available in the shop.

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Mountain said...

That is GORGEOUS. I love how tangled it looks. You did such a good job on this.