Tuesday, September 01, 2009

baby hem is my new best friend - a tutorial

so, i don't know why i never really used this hem before, or why it never occured to me to use. i guess i don't normally sew silky materials, and haven't really needed to use it before...but it makes hemming the big full skirts SO much easier.i don't have a before picture, but this was a somewhere-between-the-calf-and-ankle skirt, that i baby hemmed into mini-ish length.

keep reading for my baby hem tutorial, or check out my other DIY patterns.

and...a bit more detail. along with my brand new tote purse that i bought at a stoop sale. and my friend cleverly pointed out...it doubles as a clutch with just one little fold.

so, here's how i did the baby hem.
first, i pressed up a 1/2" seam and stitched very close to the fold.
next, i trimmed very close to the stitch (about 1/8")
next, i folded up about 1/8" and pressed it up.
then stitched on top of the previous stitch, creating a nice top-stitch on the right side of the fabric. all done! easiest hem for full skirts ever.


best friend necklace said...

baby hem is also my best friend. It add a clean line to my cloth.

Elegantpaws said...

That's a great way of doing it. Thanks so much for sharing. xx