Saturday, October 27, 2007

crochet collars

so, i put together this little collar and am selling it in my shop:

i used the first 3 lines from the pomo boho collar which is:
With MC,
ch 55+3
1. dc in 3rd ch from hook, dc in every stitch across to last 5 ch stitches (these 5 extra stitches will create the buttonhole)
2. ch 3, 1 dc *ch 3, 1dc*
3. ch 3, 1dc, ch 3, in next ch 3 loop *1 tc, ch 1, 2tc, ch 1, 1tc, ch 3, skip next ch 3 loop, sc in 2nd st of next ch 3 loop, ch 3, skip next ch 3 loop* to end, dc in last stitch.

soon to be sold in the shop.

then i made this venetian square, which was more for practice. it's really pretty. i want to make a collar out of this, but using thread instead of yarn, making 7 of these squares and then filling in the gaps with a collar like shape.

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