Sunday, September 30, 2007

all kinds of surprises

all kinds of marvelous things happened yesterday. first, my package from vintageknits came with all of its ruffled goodness. i had sort of a ruffle pattern buying frenzy, and now i have no idea which one to start with. i was taking a bit of a gamble on the books, since you really only get to see one picture from the entire book. but out of the four books i ordered, three are splendid and only one is kind of a dud. of the patterns, here are my favorites:

'tucked glamour' is sooo glamorous. and looks like it would take a year to make out of that tiny thread. it's a crochet pattern, which actually looks pretty easy to make. and it promises well-dressed smartness.

these are all fabulous patterns from a jack frost sweater book. i love them all. they are soft and fuzzy they make me want to sip egg nog in front of the fireplace while it's snowing outside.

and who needs to make a whole shirt, when you can just make a dickey???

then of course, there are the fluffy ruffles aprons, where you can make aprons for not only you and your daughter...but your daughter's doll.

the second thing that happened yesterday, was that i found a sidewalk/stoop sale on my way to the library. and found these sewing patterns:

and the last thing - on friday night my friend, courtney, spotted the most wonderful cat pendant in a store window beside my apartment. so, i stopped in yesterday and picked it up. i love it so much.

p.s. one minty leg warmer is now complete!

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