Monday, March 26, 2012

Jewel of the Month Club

Recently, I started a Jewel of the Month Club, where I'll select one item from the jewelry shop which will be on super duper sale for the month. It lets everyone get in on the jewelry fun, and you can build up your jewelry collection, one piece at a time. This month, the arrow earrings are now listed at over 40% off.

It's free, and no registration required...but if you want a little reminder every month to see what the new jewel will be, sign up below with your email address. that April is almost here, which would you want see as the next jewel of the month?


April Starr said...

Ooh, exciting! I so love your jewelry. Thanks for this fun offer! :D

Siobhan said...

Love these earrings, really simple and stylish. Great idea to have a monthly featured item.