Tuesday, January 17, 2012

happy new year!

in the midst of january, happy new year! the beginning of the year i've been focusing more on fixing up the apartment, specifically all kinds of new linens, blankets and bed-things for the bedroom, and towels and shower curtains for the bathroom. i'm trying to make an effort to balance things out - a little vintage, some new, and a bit handmade.

this is my current project. a new bathmat to match my new black, white and mint green bathroom. it also coincided with the buying of new bed linens, which meant the throwing out of old bed linens, which equals new knitted bath mat! though, i'm not sure i'm loving the 2 vertical black/white stripes. ideas?? should i rip this thing out and use a different pattern?


Erin Kate said...

Oh, I love the bathmat! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

emarci said...

Oh no! I love the direction you are taking! Don't rip it out...just add some red somewhere :)

Linda L. said...

I would do the black down each side and a stripe down the middle. I think it would be more defined that way.

Great way to recycle! Even older, worn sheets are usually okay at the outer edge. I may just give this a try.

acommonthread said...

Thanks for the feedback - Hmmm....I like that idea, Linda. I'm a little worried though because I only have 2 pillow cases worth of fabric for the stripes. I wonder if that would be enough for the 3 stripes??