Thursday, December 15, 2011

Test Sewing Patterns for a Free Pattern

EDIT: Thanks to all of my volunteers! Right now I've gotten enough participants for this wallet pattern, but if you're interested in future projects, email me and I'll let you know when the next pattern is available.

hey guys! i've got a new project up my sleeve and am looking for beginner/intermediate sewers interested in testing some digital sewing patterns, in exchange for the pattern. i'm going to have a few of these patterns coming out soon, and you're welcome to test out one or many.


  • you are a beginner/intermediate sewing
  • you have a sewing machine and the other materials listed below
  • you'll need to take a photo of your finished product and email it to me within a 7-14 days
  • you'll need to fill out a short questionnaire with detailed feedback about the pattern within 7-14 days

  • The Pattern

    You can sign up to be notified of future patterns available for testing. right now, the pattern being tested is this simple wallet. it uses very little material, and is completely stitched up with just 3 short stitches! and the material is not your usual fabric - you'll want something with edges that do not fray. things like: a repurposed 'stiff plastic' shopping bag, oilcloth, repurposed tablecloth, leather, suede, stiff felt, laminated paper, or if you're in a pinch just use plain paper.


  • sewing maching
  • notions: scissors, thread, pins
  • home printer, 8.5x11 paper, tape, ruler
  • 'fabric' 1/4" wide. see above for a description

  • How To Sign Up

    send me an email at acommonthreadshop gmail com letting me know your level of sewing experience, and if you've had experience reading sewing patterns in the past. from there, i'll send you over the wallet pattern!

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