Saturday, November 05, 2011

A Common Thread shop update & free shipping: fall fashion jewelry

i've added a few new jewelry items to the A Common Thread shop. this batch includes lots of semi-precious stones (including amethyst, turquoise, and rust orange magnesite), brass animal jewelry, and geometric brass earrings. AND free shipping on all orders. when you checkout, just enter SHIPONOUT. ends November 13th.

turquoise necklace brass elephant necklace hexagon earrings
orange stone necklace amethyst necklace braided chain necklace
rosegold beaded necklace knit bowtie necklace white stone statement necklace

1. turquoise necklace made with a rough cut turquoise pendant, and draped in long layered chains
2. brass elephant necklace featuring an adorable vintage brass elephant charm
3. hexagon earrings in raw brass with a long chain
4. orange stone necklace with rough faceted magnesite stones on a long brass chain
5. amethyst necklace with double rough stones with long layered chains
6. braided chain necklace with silver, gold and black chains woven and interlaced
7. rosegold beaded necklace with layered metallic beads tied with a ribbon
8. knit bowtie necklace in rust orange wool blend yarn
9. white stone statement necklace with magnesite beige stones

1 comment:

Miss Val's Creations said...

Beautiful pieces! The orange magnesite is so cool. It is amazing the colors that can be dyed on that stone. Love it! ~Val