Monday, November 07, 2011

beekeeper quilt // ombre yarn

i've been quietly working on my beekeepers quilt, knitting a few hexigon puffs here and there, on my train ride to work, when i'm watching tv, waiting in line. after amassing all of my beautiful yarns, i realized that 1, I absolutely *love* chroma yarn from knit picks in mesa colorway. and 2, it doesn't go with the rest of my all. so, now do i proceed anyway? focus only on 1 set of colors? or knit two beekeeper quilts (omg)?

beekeepers quilt

the only thing i've decided so far is to keep going with the chroma. for all of my trash talk on variegated yarns, i realize that ombre yarns are a whole different story. chroma is not variagated. it doesn't change color so quickly. you don't have stripes. you just get beautiful, slowly shifting colors. and i'm not sure if it always works out this way, but these small puffs were meant for this yarn. they are small enough so that the color only shifts once per puff, so you just get a dual color puff with a nice, slow transition. i love them! i think my favorite puffs are these red-orange shifts to brown, and the blue/gray combinations.

chroma ombre yarn
hexigon puff knit

and, since i frequently knit on the train, here are the top questions i get asked:
  • "what are you making?" ..."WHAT? how is that going to be a quilt?"
  • "why you need that wire between your needles? is that so you don't lose them?"
  • "is this the first thing you've ever made?" (no, jerk!)
  • "are all of the sides of the hexagon supposed to be even?"...(uncomfortable stare)... "maybe after you practice for a while the sides will be even?"

  • navajo colored yarn
    how to knit a quilt

    my project: beekeepers quilt
    yarn: chroma in mesa from knit picks
    pattern: beekeepers quilt at ravelry
    current puff count: 20 (not counting the non-chroma puffs)


    Lois Leigh-Ann said...

    I'm not a fan of variegated yarns either, but I think some for certain projects just work. I'd be so tempted to do an entire quilt in one colourway and lay it out in the variegation (I'm not making one because it'd get obsessive!).

    these are gorgeous though whatever you decide!

    Amanda of Urchin Knits said...

    I LOVE Chrome by knitpicks- i'm actually knitting some pixie hats for my girls in the Midwinter colorway. These photos are AWESOME- i just love the slight color change in the puffs and how well all the colors blend... good luck and I hope you figure out what you're going to do (two quilts? just use them all?)


    Katie said...

    Ooo, those puffs are turning out so pretty! I usually don't like color-changing yarn either, but these really work.

    I can't believe how rude people are to you on the train! I get a lot of comments while knitting, but usually they're along the lines of "my meemaw used to do that, too! is that knitting? that's it! that's what she did!"

    Erin said...

    You chose such beautiful colors! They are bright & soft at the same time. Lovely. Can't wait to see your finished quilt!

    Loren said...

    These are the prettiest variegated yarns I've ever seen. Beautiful. I've seen these honey comb 'poofy' quilts before and I think they are awesome. Looking forward to seeing your finished!

    Audry said...

    I think that if you love, Chroma, keep going with it. If the other puffs don't match, maybe you can gift them to someone as a "hexipuff starter".

    I really do like how your chroma puffs are coming out.

    nyssajayne said...

    "are all of the sides of the hexagon supposed to be even?"...(uncomfortable stare)... "maybe after you practice for a while the sides will be even?"

    this is a sign of someone who knows nothing about knitting. hello, blocking!! :)

    the blanket looks beautiful. i love the ombre, it's just that perfect, subtle touch that takes it up a notch.

    kenzie said...

    love them! I like how they only change one color at a time. you're making me want to knit this, but I know I can't commit! (at least now.)

    Kasey said...

    this is lovely. the ombre effect is perfect.

    i'm all about quilts that don't match. will you post a picture with them all together?

    anyway, this is going to be such a wonderful quilt. i'm so impressed.


    Lindsay Jewell said...

    Wow, the chroma yarn is perfect for the beekeeper's quilt. Soft, too. How exciting!

    grandmastatus said...

    hah! i loved the list of things people have said to you.
    imagine if your first project was a hexipuff! that takes some skill!

    Monica said...

    This yarn seems the perfect choice for the quilt. I would re-purpose the old ones as a seat-cushion maybe?
    As for the comments....that's one of the reasons I don't knit in public...don't have the patience for questions like that...hihihhi!

    lisa said...

    The colors you picked look so beautiful together! This is going to be SO cozy!

    Miss Val's Creations said...

    This yarn is gorgeous! These colors all look perfect together. This project is so unique and the final result is going to be amazing. I bet it will make a really warm, cozy quilt too!!!

    dana @ wonder forest said...

    hahaha i love the questions you've been asked. I can't wait to see this when it's done!
    love your blog, new follower!
    xox dana

    jobungalow said...

    Gorgeous puffs. I too am making a Beekeeper's quilt. It's lovely just knitting these little, satisfying puffs. I might try some Chroma in mine, I love how the colour changes so subtly within each puff. Happy puffing!
    Jo xx

    Nnenna said...

    Your hexagons are coming out so nicely! Haha, and I love all of those questions you've been asked- I've definitely been asked some of those before too :)

    Anonymous said...

    I am a sucker for anything bee related, (former and hopefully future beekeeper here), and I just love the colors you are using for your knit quilt! I have seen a few different variations of this quilt while hopping along the web lately and yours is so warm and soft looking. It's sure to be irresistible once it's complete!

    Jess said...

    This is soooooo pretty!! I love the colours you have gone for, they compliment each other beautifully and the variegated wools are so subtle :) cant wait to see it done!

    Jess x

    alisonml said...

    Those color are gorgeous. It looks like the perfect big project- full of small ones!

    Meg said...

    Amazing yarn! I'll definitely have to try it out, I love the way the hexipuffs look with the ombre. Also a subway knitter, people can be so annoying. Knitting is not the craziest thing you'll see on the subway and yet people act as if it is!

    Anonymous said...

    LOL! I am so sorry I found your site! sigh ... now I am obsessed with the beekeeper quilt. I crochet on the commute and will start thinking of witty answers to those awkward questions!