Monday, July 11, 2011

the wild ones // knit tank top // where can I find a similiar pattern?

i saw this editorial of The Wild Ones and LOVE it. it has sooo many good things going on. it's the perfect summertime. so many lovely colors, mixing prints and red is a main theme. and this girl is drinking coca-cola, or cooling her cheek with it (whatever). everything about it reminds me of my childhood.

in any case. i need this red and white striped tank top! does anyone know of a similar shaped knit tank pattern? i've scoured ravelry but there is no simple shaped tank! every one is embellished in some (generally horrific) way. why isn't there a basic tank top pattern??

in any case, here's some more beautiful, teen angsty summertime pictures.

see the rest of the The Wild Ones via the contributing editor


HazelandMare said...

I'll keep my eyes peeled for one! I do really like it. Lovely photos, with their mismatched skirts and sad expressions. :)

knitxcore. said...

that whole shoot is dreamy! did you happen to look through any men's vintage patterns? i think I may have something. i'll look around in the morning.

Tara-Marie said...

Do you have any experience in altering patterns? Actually, I mostly know you for your crochet so just in case you're not much of a garment knitter, here are my thoughts on it!

The stitch looks like it might be a kind of thermal (I can't remember the knitting term for it!), but I think it would look just as nice in stockinette. I found a few patterns for plain tank tops (Tank of Many Colors, Simple Singlet) that you could use to figure out the shaping & the necklines/armholes. You'll want the bottom more like this; some nice 1x1 ribbing to create the cinch. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or would like any help! It's such a cute top. :)

tara at shipwrecksandbravery dot com

Anonymous said...

Have you looked at the Lewiston Striped Vest pattern by Melissa LaBarre from the book New England Knits? It may be similar to what you are looking for.

annelouiselikes said...


i actually specifically came to your blog today because i too am looking for a summer tank pattern, and remembered that you had made that stripey one before..!

i hope you - or i - find one soon, because these pictures have inspired me even more!!

acommonthread said...

hi annelouise - so i've been meaning to post this, but someone sent me this link (thanks, gina!) of a free debbie bliss basic tank that i think is perfect!

annelouiselikes said...

that does look like a good, well-written pattern...thanks for the tip-off!

looking forward to seeing any finished results...