Monday, April 04, 2011

sweaters! (or the complete opposite thing I should be knitting right now)

right now, at the beginning of april, i'm getting obsessed with knit sweater patterns. i should be thinking about spring dresses, floral prints and little sandals, but it was supposed to snow this past weekend, so i'm stuck in sweater mode. for just a bit more.

i've been admiring the sweaters in the vogue knitting winter 2009/10 issue for a while now. i know i should just go ahead and order this issue so i'll have these patterns when i finally get the urge to knit them. i particularly love the second photo, the shawl neck cardigan. however, i just came across a pattern for this cardigan...

this project by hiiragi on ravelry has the basic elements of the vogue pattern, and love the stripes, the wide band....the only thing i'd do differently is add big brown woven-looking buttons.

on the other hand, there's the stripey sweater which i'm always drawn to. this one above is a creation from alicey on ravelry. this one is a free vogue knitting pattern but she says she made some significant mods, so i'm torn.

of course, here's my own striped pullover that i started, but never quite found the time to finish. i've got a good front of a sweater though. this is from the striped beach pullover pattern.


hibou said...

Great inspirations! I always seem to do seasonally inappropriate knitting. I blame the fashion industry, for being so dang ahead of things all the time, and teasing us with pretty pictures.

Jessi said...

those are all so nice. I am really liking the stripped trend

fifi said...

*sigh* will i ever get up the gumption to start knitting up a cardi or sweater? i want to be so brave and plunge it but know it would seriously take me 2 or 3 years by which time i'd probably loathe it and not even fit it anymore!