Friday, March 25, 2011

friday favorites - diy project inspiration

here's a few of my favorite things popping up over the internet lately. most of which are inspiring me to start on some fun new projects. i'm hoping to post some new things i'm working on, and maybe even a pattern in the next week.

first, look at her scarf. and her panda! i love everything. maybe i'll try out a linen stitch on a scarf. and that panda will be mine! next, i just love her slouchy sweater. i'd love to make one like this, but i feel like things like this are best found in thrift store (i.e. i'm lazy).

photos via hanneli

on the left, i LOVE everything knitted on her. especially her brilliant diagonally striped cardigan. and her thick gray scarf. i'm actually working on a gray guernsey right now, which is sort of similar. on the right, is beautiful way of doing knit on knit...even if the scarf is single color garter stitch. (bleh). but the best thing - is that a knit bag?? i love the design.

photos via flashes of style and the time is gray

and you can always check out all of my inspiration photos on my tumblr.

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fifi said...

oh linen stitch is so satisfying. if its what i'm thinking it is - which is also called seed or moss? i love a double seed stitch. so enduringly beautiful! i just made a big seed stitch chunky cowl. that reminds me, maybe i should take a photo and post it! have fun! can't wait for panda pattern!