Thursday, March 31, 2011

bags! project ideas + free sewing patterns

one my favorite things to buy, though i've yet to really make, is a bag. i used to be addicted to my tote-bag-purse-substitute, which took me years to finally break my habit of. and i was only able to do that because i carry a baggu tucked in my purse, just in case of a tote-bag emergency.

these bags are super functional and in some cases probably pretty expensive to buy. maybe not the grocery tote, but it would be so simple to make and you could pick a fun fabric. the weekender bag looks so sleek and stylish. i would carry this thing around with me everywhere. ah, i can't even imagine how much yarn this thing would hold.

images via burdastyle and weekend designer


hibou said...

Whoa, that weekender bag is major! I'd most likely have a nervous breakdown making it, but wow, the payoff!

kayemkay said...

Incredible. Thanks for the links. I'm with hibou... I'm confident in my sewing skills, but that weekender looks like a lot of work.