Friday, February 25, 2011

knit project: bootie slippers

after finishing my cowl last night, i vowed to finish a current project before starting a new one. so i picked up these booties that i started (and finished one!) back in december. since i have 2 feet, i think this was wise. also, i've started knitting at work to maximize knitting time.

yarn: lion brand fisherman's wool in nature brown (held doubled)
needle: size 9
pattern: nola's slipper pattern
my ravelry project


Windsor Grace said...

Those are great! Knitting at work, what do you do? I tried to do that, but my boss said no way. Same thin with watching Netflix

acommonthread said...

I think we may share a brain; I also set up my other computer monitor to watch movies/tv! Right now, I'm watching a live puppy cam.

As for work, I'm a user interface designer, and all of my meetings are over the phone. My argument is that knitting during calls makes me pay attention more than if I were multi-tasking on the computer. Or that will be my excuse when my boss finally sees me knitting.

erngrn said...

those are so adorable!!

they look exactly like a pair of baby booties I knit for my friends son but the grown up version. are they seamed up the bottom? they may very well be.

good job for picking something old back up, that's a pretty hard thing to do!

acommonthread said...

yeah, they do look exactly like baby booties...but large. when i was knitting them, my sister asked what i was making and i said 'booties'...she just stared at me like i was crazy and said, 'what kind of baby has a 10 inch foot??'

as for the bottom, you end with 2 sets of live stitches...and I used the kitchener stitch to seam them up (as opposed to a 3 needle bind off) so it wouldn't be a big thick seam that i'd be stepping on all of the time.