Friday, October 08, 2010

shop update: new items

i've been pretty busy lately. here's some new stuff!
brass triangle necklace hexagon geometric necklacelava rock necklace lace collar bib necklace
1. triangle statement necklace 2. hexagon geometric necklace
3. lava rock necklace 4. lace collar bib necklace

....and, i'm very excited because i'm now working with my dad on a new item in the shop. growing up, my dad was carving, whittling, constructing or making something. among the little creatures he would carve, my favorite was always the monkey...hand carved with his pocketknife...out of a peach seed!
hand carved monkey necklace
coming from georgia, this is especially appropriate. my dad always had one of these in his hand, whittling away, and everyone has always had their special monkey necklace. so now, working with my dad (he does the whittling; i do the jewelry) we're offering a few of the monkey's in my shop!

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