Monday, November 09, 2009

jurassic jewelry

this weekend, i spent my time making little tiny dinosaurs gold. i actually started this project on halloween, and after realizing what i'd gotten myself into with this gold-leafing and how difficult it is to make everything perfect, i had to make a stop by the art supply store to pick up some gold paint. this was my conversation with the guy who worked there:
me: i need to buy some gold paint. i'm not sure what type? something that sticks to plastic.
him: oh, sure. probably acrylic. what are you using it for?
me: i have some dinosaurs, you know, the little ones. and they need to be gold.
him: oh.....this is for your costume. (it was halloween)
me: no. i just need gold dinosaurs.
him: ....and it's not for your costume?
me: no.

this can't be that weird of a request, right? in any case, i got my gold touch-up paint....and this was my finished product.

this is currently my favorite creation. it's hard work getting those guys gold though! but i do have a bit of gold-leaf fever. my next project will involve something with less tiny arms and legs and intricate parts.

since 5 dinosaurs can be a bit scary. i did create the lone-dinosaur necklace as well. same idea; less terror.

also, when i was posting these guys, i did a little bit of dinosaur-googling to get their proper names. this guy, is actually called apatosaurus, the dinosaur formerly known as brontosaurus. when did this happen?

in any case, these little guys will be posted to the shop this week!


Anonymous said...

Clever! That's so nostalgic. I used to play with dinosaurs that looked just like that, when I was little.

Anonymous said...

your "no" reply to the salesman was probably best left at "no"...... rather than "i'm making jewelry"....

J ;)

Kate said...

Apatasaurus is the worst dinosaur name evah. It means sneaky lizard. Really? REALLY?? I don't see any sneaky eye masks or tiptoes!

Brontosaurus, on the other hand, means thunder lizard. I'm sticking with that one. old Skool.