Wednesday, October 31, 2007

bikinis in autumn

so, although i haven't worked on this in a while, and it's too frigid out to be thinking about bikinis, i thought i'd post my progress on sexy little knits blue suede bikini. mine isn't blue or suede. obviously.

so, here's where i knit it the first time. everything was looking OK. lace was coming out well. a little holey and see through, will need a lining but, OK.

then i finished the bottoms. uh oh, was i knitting these for a mom in the 80s???
no! oops, i accidentally worked in an extra 20 something rows due to the very poor pattern writing skills of ashley paige. i love her designs but she needs to work on her writing. or get a better editor. these basically came up above my belly button with a really steep cut (think kathy ireland underwear). so, i had to rip them out, start over, and now i'm pretty much done but don't have any new photos yet. i still need to add the tie strings too.


knit. sew. paint. throw. said...

i'm working on this too.. and having to do it on the fly as well... i can't believe she didnt post any corrections?! This is the 3rd thing I've made from her book.

knit. sew. paint. throw. said...

i finally finished mine... after reading your blog I decided to pattern the bottoms after a pair of undies I already had. You can see photos of the project on my blog if you like.. I'm still unhappy with the cups, which don't look good... I have small breasts, so that could be the reason?

tiffany said...

I knitted this, also had to rip out the thing when noticing the long look, but I couldn't get the lacy look to come out right. :(

acommonthread said...

it was a challenge, but after charting the lace, it was much easier. if you want me to send you, let me know.

tiffany said...

Sure, any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

acommonthread said...

send me an email at acommonthreadcrafts [at] gmail [dot] com and i'll forward it over.


Simone said...


I luv the Sexy Little Knits, but this book is impossible to follow. Now, I can knit, but charting is beyond me. I tried charting out that pattern, but the lace pattern in the book is NOT what's in the picture, and it's still different to yours, though, yours looks lovely (i actually found yours in the Treasury of Knitting book). Would you be able to send this chart to me as well? Did you do on the compu then? You rock.

PS. I found the pattern for the Mesh Long Nightgown. I can send you that as a's not charted though. I didn't about charts at that point!


acommonthread said...

Hi Simone!

Sure, send me an email at acommonthreadcrafts [at] gmail [dot] com and i'll try to help you out with the chart!


Anonymous said...

Hi acommonthread,
This might be a long shot as its been a couple years but could you send me the chartered Lace pattern if you still have it? Just started working on the bikini and that would help a lot!
Thank you!
My email is 5jb21[at]queensu[dot]ca

Anthie Zachariadou said...

acommonthread, hi! Could I also have the chartered Lace pattern?? I can't figure out how to work the decreases with the lace... Or Anonymous, or Simone PLEASE if you have it!!!

My email is

Thanks.. x