Friday, May 18, 2007

summer knits

wow - it's been a long time since I've been here. now that I've not completed most of the winter projects that I had planned, I've moved on to some exciting new summer projects. I got the Sexy Little Knits book by Ashley Paige and love it. after researching her stuff, I considered paying $300 for one of her bathing suits. maybe I'll just try to knit one myself.

the first thing that I picked from the book to work on was elann's online summertime linie the robe. although daunting, it really is pretty straightforward. I'm using which is more of a soft terrycloth, rather than the wendy velvet touch that is used in the book. work-in-progress shots coming soon.

soon, I'll be starting on the bathing suits. I like this blue knit one, which I'm going to make in pink using elann's endless summer luna which looks very promising. the turquoise/teal one is also on my list, but I've just got to learn how to crochet first. elann offers a great alternative to cascade fixation yarn, called esprit which is a nice stretchy blend of cotton and elastic. and, by the looks of it, you can actually get it wet. just have to figure out how to put a lining in there. and find the time to work on all of these. summer is getting close.

and there are many more in the book that I really want to knit. my favorite one is probably the cozy sleeper, which just looks so soft. I'm having a harder time finding yarn for this one...I ordered some super kydd because it looks so incredibly soft, but I don't know if the gauge is going to work, and by the shape of the piece, you definitely don't want it to be too saggy.
the super kydd is just a bit too thin for this I think....

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