Sunday, May 20, 2007

completed stuff and works in progress

so, this is what I've been working on for the past few months. I completed the anthropologie-inspired shrug, in a beige color. I used knitpicks panache, which I love. it's so soft and perfect for this shrug. can't wait to use it on other soft, wintery things. this knitted up super quick and was really, really easy. the raglan sleeve is super easy to do, and I really like how it came out.

i made another shrug in black, for my friend's birthday gift. this one looks like it would fit a toddler, but i'm hoping that a little blocking will fix that. again, this one was knitted in knitpicks panache: coal. seriously, these things take no time to knit. I was under a bit of time pressure to get this one at least somewhat completed and spent less than a day and a half knitting this one for my friend's birthday gift.

here's a close-up of the raglan line. so nice....

another project, mentioned before from the sexy little knits book, is this yellow terry robe. it's like knitting a big towel and then piecing it all together. I like it a lot but i'm discovering there are things that you knit, and there are things that you just buy. this robe better last me a long time. this here is the back of the robe. I adjusted the pattern and added 4 inches to the bottom of the robe. otherwise, it was just going to be a robe shirt. i mean, i know I'm tall, but I'm not that tall....

and a close-up of the terry. so soft. I'm using elann's online summertime linie in butter.

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