Sunday, December 10, 2006

progress and un-progress

so, in my recent knitting frenzy this weekend, i've made a little progress in first knitting up a nice little christmas gift for my sister - a pair of knitty fetching fingerless mittens with GGH bel air in red. the yarn is so soft (90% merino/10% nylon) and a really great color. hope my sister doesn't find this site!

in other progress - i've made a good start on the fad-classic vest. i'd say i'm a good 27% done? my straps are little...."unfinished" looking. the sides aren't really all that straight, but i did a few internet searches on other people's progres and saw that once the ribbing is added to the neckline, it really does make a big difference. gauge was a little smaller than recommended, but this pattern seems to really stretch with my yarn. and, i feel like the thing is looking huge, so i'm hoping the my too-small gauge paired with the gigantic size will balance each other out. i honestly have no idea how this is going to turn out. it's my first upper trunk fitting my expectations are pretty low.

and finally......i've been working on this cable scarf for a while.

it's knit with what I thought was lion brand wool-ease....but it turns out it's acutally wool-ease thick and quick.....and NOT the appropriate yarn for my 10.5 sticks. which is making it curl, and making me sad that i'm going to have to rip it out.

so, I was wanting to do this ear-flap hat anyway and it needs some thick and quick, so I guess i'm just going to have to figure out something else for my black scarf. i've been wanting a black and white one for a while, and saw someone did a really nice one in panache.

oh - and i've been having a little battle with knitpicks. my order never shipped. they failed to fix it until i'd been sitting here waiting for 2 weeks. so frustrated. let's just hope that the re-ship makes it here soon........

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Anonymous said...

Hi Squirt! I found your site....just a little too late. Thanks for my homemade Christmas present! Lots of love from Petey!