Friday, December 01, 2006

stuff, stuff, more stuff.

so, today i got lots of knitting supplies. first is a set of cascade yarns pima melange in sky blue (yum)
to make the fad-classic vest. yes! finally i can start on a project. and this pima melange feels nice. i'm very excited to be making a nice old vest out it.

next, i got a spectacular set of bamboo circular knitting needles. - a few of which i'm going to be starting the fad-classic vest with.

and then, the last thing was this fabulous book, loop-d-loop:

there's actually a lot of things not in here that i expected, and a lot of new things that i didn't expect. i'm very excited about the ballet t-shirt and the cashmere lace blouse.

but finally...where is my knitpicks stuff??? 14 days? are you serious?

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