Friday, September 02, 2011

fabrics: prints and patterns

now that i'm in quilting mode, i'm having this massive pull to start collecting as many fabrics as possible. everytime i see a great print, i think even a half yard of that would be good. i need that fabric. above is my collection so far, mainly of vintage dresses and skirts that are too long and i plan to hem, and use the leftover fabric in my quilts.

here are some of my other favorites online that i've had my eye on:

1. taza tarika neutral
2. taza cynthia pink
3. leanika scroll ivory
4. osaka hexagon floral
5. annette tatum house
6. michael miller citron gray spa scallop


Kailey said...

Ooh I love each one of these! Really gorgeous post, thank you for sharing.

heather said...

i could totally use me one of your quilts :)

fifi said...

i have a massive problem with collecting fabric. my husband doesn't even know the full extent of my vintage floral bedsheet collection :) but then i don't know the full extent of his camping equpiment and outdoor gear collection :) Its a secret understanding i guess!