Wednesday, November 25, 2009

tv dinner time

i've always been a fan of tv dinner style trays and decor, and absolutely loved this wallpapered tv tray from design*sponge.

this is such a clever and perfect way to making a vintage item beautiful and modern. i've been a long admirer of this wallpaper and have considered adding it as a touch of color to one wall in my living room. but having it cover something useful, such as this cute little tv tray is perfect.

and a tv tray stand wouldn't be complete with the most adorable tv dinner plate. i love this porcelain version of the old plastic types. and it even keeps your food separated!

then there's also the plastic version of the prison lunch tray. i actually bought a set of these in stainless steel a while back, but it looks like only the plastic version is offered now.


amy and ann said...

i just ordered a necklass! I am so excited..... amy :)

Tracy said...

Those are so much! I remember TV-trays as a kid... I have to tell my sister about these! Happy Day :o)