Saturday, October 17, 2009

internet for good, not evil

so, one day a month or so back, i got an unexpected flickr message from another user of the site. the message sort of came out of nowhere (we weren't previous internet acquaintances) but it turns out that we both adore vintage knitting, sewing, and fashion, so it was only a matter of time before our internet paths would cross. margaret could tell that i admired all things vintage (from my photos of vintage patterns, handknits of vintage gloves and sweaters, and by joining numerous vintage knitting and sewing groups), and she generously and kindly offered to send me a HUGE stack of vintage knitting patterns. they were doing a bit of a cleanup and she wanted them to go to someone who would appreciate them. i was so flattered that she chose me! and floored by this kindness and generosity that doesn't happen everyday on the internet.

you could imagine how excited i was to receive a HUGE box in the mail full of vintage patterns. here are some of my favorites. this book is SO fun. sure, the patterns are for kids, but don't think i won't knit them up for myself. this knit-o-graf book had so many fun ideas.

these cute little shoes are so much fun. how adorable to have a dog on your sock/slipper. or a cowboy on your mittens.

or a sailboat on your sweater. and this is just one book out of many many more. thanks so much margaret!

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Anonymous said...

those sock/slippers are SO awesome. ditto on the sweaters.